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General issues
- Is Activ Press for me?
R : It can serve a large range of users, from publishing companies to local organizations. Activ press is a collaborative tool primarily designed to help communications project managers conduct their press projects. All users can access their personal space and share information on the project according to their authorization level.
- How to access and use Activ Press?
R : Activ Press has full support of every browser, provided that you're connected to the internet. That's it, being online is the only requirement to use Activ Press and this, anywhere in the world!
- Which browsers does Activ Press support?
R : Activ Press runs with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.6, Safari et Google Chrome or later versions... For a prime Activ Press experience, make sure you've updated your browser to the latest version.
- Is Activ Press free?
R : We offer a free trial version and different plans to meet your needs which will allow you to go through all the features. The free account lets you manage 2 projects with a 10 MB storage space for your files and allows 2 users on a project at the most. Find out more on the subscription & pricings page.
- How can I be sure that my data is securely stored?
R : Activ Press is hosted on high performance and high availability servers. Our servers are also secured: your data is safe on our systems.
- Can I set Activ Press up on my company's servers?
R: No, Activ Press is exclusively available online.
- Can I export data from Activ Press?
R: Exporting your data to Word, Excel or Pdf formats will soon be available on Activ Press.
- Is Activ Press available in other languages?
R: In addition to the English version, Activ Press is also available in French. Nothing could be easier, just click on one of the flags at the top of each page to go from one version to the other.
- What kind of support will I be offered?
R: We provide e-mail support to paid accounts and phone support for gold members exclusively. Even though free accounts cannot access these services, the FAQ list is available to answer all questions.
- What is the interactive Feedback thumbnail used for?
R: Feel free to use the feedback form to share your comments or suggestions on Activ Press. Your advice will help improve the next versions of the software.
- How can I edit my profile?
R: Click on the ‘My profile' link at the top of the page to update your personal info (first and last name, e-mail, language spoken), to see your clients' names or to visualize your profile.
- What plans does Activ Press offer?
R: We offer 3 different plans and a free but limited trial version. With the Basic membership, you're entitled 10 projects, 10 users and 2 GB of storage for €19 a month. Premium memberships let you manage 30 projects, an unlimited number of users and 10 GB of storage for €39 a month and the Gold membership allows an unlimited number of projects and users and 50 GB of storage for €99 a month. In the free trial version you get 2 projects, 2 users and 10 MB of storage. Find out more on the subscription & pricings page.
- Can I pay in advance, or by installments?
R: Activ Press is available by monthly payment only. However, your bank details are encoded once and for all which spares you the trouble of having to type them in every month.
- Can I pay by check?
R: No. We only take Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments via paypal.
- Can I get a receipt?
R: Yes. For paid accounts, your receipts can be found in the « My plan » thumb.
- How do I cancel my subscription?
R: You can either go back to the free mode in which case you will no longer be charged anything or delete your account for good. In both cases, you'll need to visit « My plan ».
- Will I be able to change my plan when I want?
R: Yes. Visit « My plan » to change your deal whenever you need to. The account owner will be the only one allowed this change.
- Will I be able to change my membership to a lower one at all times?
R: Of course! Just click on « My plan » to do it free of charge. The account owner alone can do this. If you change you membership to a cheaper one, make sure you adapt your projects according to the prerequisites. (lower number of projects, users and storage...).
- What are the different authorization levels and how are they granted?
R: There are 3 clearance levels: administrator, chief editor or editor. Overall, each user is able to access to the client content in read-mode except the admin interface. Administrators are able to manage projects and user statuses, delete or modify the informations in the project core. The chief editor has the same right than the administrator except that the access to the administration panel is unavailable. The editor has the most restrictive access; he is able to manage only topics, documents and versions, themes and tasks.
- What can be done in the « Management » space?
R: In the « Management »€ space, you can visualize customer info, manage users, headings, topics, patterns and statuses. Some feats are possible to the administrator alone.
- How can I give a customer access?
R: By creating an account and logins, he will be able to access the project and to take part in it according to his clearances. In order to do so, go to Management > Users > Add a user (only possible for administrators).
- How to manage (add, edit or remove) users on the project?
R: Go to Management > Users to reach the list of users on each project and to add, edit ou delete accounts. However, only the administor can do this.
- What are the main features of a project?
R: A project is characterized by a title, a description, publication date, existing model, number of pages, key dates, notes...
- How are my projects organized in Activ Press?
R: Your projects are listed according to the date of their creation. With each project is attached a control pannel, your publication's flatplan, a list of topics, related files, the schedule and tasks assigned and a forum. All your projects and their details can be found in My projects.
- Can I add as many projects as I'd like?
R: No, the number of projects available depends on which plan you subscribed to. The gold membership is the only one to offer an unlimited number of projects. If the plan you chose doesn't suit you, you can change it on My subscription.
- If I delete a project by mistake, will I be able to recover it somehow?
R: When you delete a project, its tasks, topics, files, messages, key dates and notes are automatically and permanently deleted. There will be no way of recovering a deleted project so be very careful when you do so.
- What's in the control panel?
R: The control panel gives you a general overview of a selected project with information, key dates, attached notes and topics. It allows you to follow the changes in real time while keeping an eye on what is left to do.
- What's a key date?
R: A key date helps planning out events according to your deadlines. It can be viewed by all those taking part in the project.
- What's a note?
R: A note is attached to a project. It is used as a memo to remind all users of supplementary info and can be seen by all those taking part in the project.
- What does the flatplan feature?
R: The flatplan is a page plan that shows how your publication is laid out. Use it to add as many pages as you like, link them to headings, a brief description, and check the related topics. It also lets you swap pages by Drag & Drop or delete them while automatically keeping the numbering up to date. The flatplan allows you to save a project as template in case you need to get started on the same structure later (same headings, number of pages...)
- What does a page feature?
R: A page is characterized by its number and description in the flatplan. It may also be linked to a heading and to several topics.
- What is a heading?
R: A heading defines the theme of your page. You'll be able to give a page one heading only. The default heading includes: a front page, a file, news, a table of contents and an editorial, each with a given color. You can also add or delete headings in Management. Headings you have added may then be used for all your other projects.
- What is the maximum size of files I can send?
R: Uploaded documents have to be under 4 MB.
- Can I keep earlier versions of my projects?
R: Yes, Activ Press keeps your earlier versions. You can find them, filed by date from earliest to latest in Shared Files.
- What's a topic?
R: A Topic is an article of your publication. It is attached to a heading or kept on the stone for future use. Files and statuses can be attached to a topic. Statuses allow you to keep up with the progress: launching, writing, proof-reading, in approval, developing, printing, are set up by default but you can add more in Management.
- How are topics managed?
R: All the topics are grouped on one page and organized by heading into charts. Each chart sums up a topic's title, status, date of creation and the attached documents and their versions. You can then change a topic, a heading, or delete it. On each insert is shown which pages are linked to the heading.
- What's a document?
R: A document is a file that has been uploaded to an Activ Press project by a client. A document can be placed into a topic or a theme and comes with a title, a description, a creation date and downloadable versions... Those taking part in the project can download documents added to the project by other users onto their own accounts.
- What's a theme?
R: A theme is a collection of documents arranged according to common information. Default themes include : progress report, schedule, budget, framework memorandum, visual, miscellaneous, but you can add new themes if needed in Management.