Activ Press includes several complementary features.

Look into them and enjoy the benefits of shared flatplanning, managing tasks
and users, communicating via notes, notifications and sharing documents
and key dates...

The control panel gives an overview of the progress made on each project and attached topics. It allows you to follow the changes in real time while keeping an eye on what is left to do.
The flatplanning tool is at the heart of Activ Press. Use the interactive interface, to check and update your publication online and reorganize its structure and contents at will. A sharing system will grant your team access to the flatplan and allow them to make their adjustments. The system will give instant updates when changes are made.
The task management tool will help organize your schedule and save time. Each task is shown with a start and finish date as well as the name of the person(s) in charge of it. Your to-do list is clearly planned on a long term basis which extends your scope to the whole project.
The Activ Press datebook is a landmark for all the production team. Be sure to meet all your deadlines by accessing all the key dates at a glance. Two schedules are available. The first is non-specific with a general overview of the projects and all of those taking part in them. The second is more like a diary, with a schedule by month, week or day and the details on events and tasks to come.
Activ Press offers a file-management tool which allows you to centralize your files and share them with the team. The file-versioning system will send several copies of the same file while keeping track of the previous versions.
This virtual workspace will simplify interactions between the people in charge of a same project. Co-workers will be able to share information
and will be notified through the software and by e-mail everytime a message is posted on the forum.
Different authorizations will restrain access to users according to their role: administrator, chief editor or editor. Overall, each user is able to access to the client content in read-mode except the admin interface. Adding projects, managing them and assigning tasks are rights which belong to chief editors, while editors can upload documents, create topics and manage their own tasks.
For every project you create or task you assign, an e-mail is sent to those concerned and a notification will show up on the information box at the top of window. Notifications will also show up when the Activ Press team sends a new message.
Export your flatplan to PDF if you expect to print it later.
This feature will also give you a preview before printing your finished press project or while your work is in progress.
Activ Press includes a search system to locate information either directly on a project's alloted space or throughout all your projects as a whole.